jvBD Academy Launch

November 1, 2018 all-day
Art Kuesel

Are you someone with 2-7 years of experience in public accounting?  Are you interested in exploring how your involvement in business development could accelerate your career?  Do you find yourself enjoying getting to know your clients, co-workers, and team leaders?

If any of these feel like you, you could be a great candidate for the    jvBD Academy (not Junior Varsity – Junior Virtual!).  This is a special program designed just for those in public accounting who have the interest and desire to explore business development in greater detail.

To learn more, watch my demo video here!

The jvBD Academy consists of twelve on-demand modules, each with an instructional video, a quiz, and homework.  You can work at your own pace, or on the suggested schedule of once per month.

You’ll emerge with a comprehensive understanding of business development, and how deliberate execution can accelerate your career success.  And, you’ll have a completed personal business development plan to guide your efforts.

Courses and modules include:

  1. Introduction/Keys to Success/Building your Plan
  2. Connecting and Communicating with Clients
  3. The Trusted Advisor Concept and Client Pains
  4. Clues & Triggers for Cross-Selling/Serving
  5. Client Retention, Client Referrals and the Client COI (Circle of Influence)
  6. Advisory Services: The Future of the Profession
  7. Elevator Speeches and Networking Mastery
  8. Nurturing a Referral Source Network
  9. Developing a Strong Personal Brand
  10. Marketing During Busy (Opportunity) Season
  11. Behind the Scenes in the Sales Process
  12. Being a Stronger Leader: Personal Leadership (Live Virtual Event – Date in 2019)

To learn more, watch my demo video here!

There are three levels of participation in the jvBD Academy:

“Foundations” $600 Per Person/Year

Participants in our Foundation Program get access to all course videos, slides, worksheets, tools and quizzes.  Access is also granted to facilitator guides for each module, however no facilitator will be provided by Kuesel Consulting, Inc.  We strongly recommend that you identify an internal facilitator for each program to achieve maximum impact.

“Plus” $900 Per Person/Year

Participants in our Plus Program receive all the benefits of our Foundations Program plus receive a designated facilitator from Kuesel Consulting, Inc. for each program.  Your participants will watch the module and then connect with our facilitator to complete the discussion.  A minimum of five participants from your firm must participate to be eligible for the Plus Program.

“Pro” $1,200 Per Person/Year

Participants in our Pro Program receive all the benefits of our Plus Program plus receive four 30-minute individual coaching sessions per year.  A minimum of five participants from your firm must participate to be eligible for the Pro Program.

Approximately 6 CPE credits will be available.

To learn more, watch my demo video here!


Please contact Art with any questions or to get started in the jvBD Academy!

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