Marketing Audit and Growth Plan Development (Niche or Firm)

Growth is critically important to firms today for a variety of reasons. Whether it is succession concerns, competition, market changes, or new service lines, firms are finding that above average growth eludes them. However, that’s often because in many firms and niches there is no formal plan that serves as a road map to fuel and drive growth. So, if you’re interested in a more structured approach to growth and are interested in what it could achieve for your niche or firm, consider our CPA firm marketing audit and growth plan development services.

Approach and Deliverables

First, we gather information via interviews and surveys as needed from principals/managers to gain a complete understanding of your:

  • Client base
  • Vision/culture
  • Competition
  • Competitive differentiators
  • Active marketing programs
  • Prioritized target markets
  • Marketing successes and failures
  • Key obstacles/opportunities
  • People available for individual marketing
  • Individual and firm strengths and weaknesses
  • Marketing budget
  • ROI

Then, we use what we’ve learned to create a comprehensive growth plan that is fully customized to your firm, people, and marketplace. Finally, we’ll present the key plan strategies to your marketing committee, firm, or niche to kick-off the plan.


While our plans are very detailed (so you could implement them on your own if you wish) many firms simply do not have the capacity or marketing skills in house to successfully complete each strategy. Therefore, many of our clients engage us for plan implementation immediately after the plan is launched.

Recent Growth Plans
  • Business Valuation Niche of Large Local Firm
  • Construction Niche of Top 100 Firm
  • Firmwide Plan for 30 Person Firm

For More Information: Please contact Art Kuesel, President, Kuesel Consulting 312.208.8774 or

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