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Top sales and marketing talent is critical to meeting your growth goals. And, when searching for key talent to lead and drive growth initiatives at your firm, a bad hire can set you back months or even years. That’s why, when it comes to the critical roles of marketing director, chief marketing or growth officer, and sales/business development executive, you should have an expert in your corner. Engaging someone who has hired dozens of top sales, marketing, and business development professionals will give you the advantage you need to avoid a bad hire, but more importantly assist you in finding the best match for your specific firm needs and culture.

Key Positions

The positions we regularly assist clients with include:

  • Business Development/Sales Executive
  • Chief Marketing/Growth Officer
  • Marketing Director
  • Marketing Manager/Specialist

Because we have experience sitting on both sides of the desk and hiring dozens of accounting sales, marketing and business development professionals over the years, we know what to look for (and what to avoid) in candidates. Not to mention, our years of working in this industry means our well-developed networks and access to talent is unmatched, helping to shave valuable time off your search process.


In addition to sourcing candidates and managing the entire recruiting process, we’ll help you identify the skill sets you need to address your unique needs, build a job description, assist with determining the salary range, outline realistic expectations for performance, and assist with integration of the role as needed.

Recent Successful Placements
  • Business Development Executive – 100 Person firm in Chicago
  • Marketing Director – 175 Person firm in Seattle
  • Marketing Director – 50 Person firm in Chicago

For More Information: Please contact Art Kuesel, President, Kuesel Consulting 312.208.8774 or

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