Path to Partner Sample Plan Template

Do you aspire to be a partner at your firm someday but lack the understanding of what it takes and a  plan to get you there? Or, are you a partner at a firm looking to create a better program for talent development at your firm?

You’re not alone.  Many experienced CPA’s and professionals are frustrated at a lack of clarity around this at their firms and seek external guidance in this area.

Over the past several years I have coached dozens of aspiring partners.  While they all share the same desire to make partner, each candidate has a unique set of strengths and weaknesses.  This means each candidate has a unique plan that is customized to them.  However, in working with so many partner candidates inside formal “path to partner” programs and out, there are some commonalities with the plans and I’ve prepared a sample plan template for you to start the discussion at your firm.

Sample Path to Partner Template Kuesel Consulting

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