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Are you seeking a high energy session on how to ignite organic growth? How about external perspective on growth trends in the industry? What about an eye-opening talk on client retention? Maybe some perspective on service-line innovation? Whatever your need, clients book Art for keynotes and presentations because of his experience in the industry and the valuable perspective he brings to his audiences.

Whether it’s an association meeting, MAP group, national conference or a firm meeting, Art will localize his content and earn high marks from attendees.

Selected Keynotes and Presentation Topics:
  • Putting the Marketing in Recruiting and Retention
  • Why a Niche Approach Matters Today more than Ever
  • The Changing Partner Job Description
  • Secrets from the Rainmakers
  • Building Rainmakers from the Ground Up
  • Client Retention Strategies that Work
  • Building a Sales and Marketing Culture
  • Igniting Organic and Grass Roots Growth at Your Firm
  • Hiring, Compensating and Integrating a Business Developer or Marketing Director
  • Building a Winning Pursuit and Proposal Strategy
  • Strategic Revenue Goal Development
  • Coaching your High Potentials to Greater Success
  • What Drives Growth in Today’s Environment
  • Service Line Innovation Strategy
  • Finding and Retaining Top Talent
  • Other Presentations Available, Custom Presentations Built Upon Request

Also available – Sales and Marketing Training Workshops


Keynotes and presentations are designed to be 60-180 minutes in length, are on-site at your desired location, are often CPE eligible, and promise to deliver valuable and actionable information for your audience.

Why Choose Art?

As a former marketing director at two leading accounting firms and a consultant to the industry for nearly a decade.

Art brings a valuable and unique perspective to his content. Clients hire Art for his direct, practical, and entertaining approach, making his presentations highly relatable and useful to his audiences.

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