Sales and Marketing Skills Training Workshops

A marketing and business development skills training program makes sense when you want to ensure that everyone in the firm has the basic knowledge they need to succeed in common sales and marketing situations. It also helps to develop and build your internal marketing culture – because in today’s competitive environment – everyone needs to contribute to the growth effort.

Selected Workshop Topics:

  • Becoming a Trusted Advisor
  • Networking Mastery (Including Elevator Speeches)
  • Developing a Strong Referral Source Network
  • Client Development and Trust Building
  • Recognizing Clues and Triggers and Cross Selling
  • Building a Strong Personal Brand
  • Client Retention Strategies
  • Leveraging LinkedIn
  • Pursuit Mastery
  • Proposals and Value Propositions
  • Demystifying the Sales Process
  • Excelling as a Niche Leader
  • Secrets from the Rainmakers
  • Custom Programs Available

Format/Frequency: Workshops are approximately 2-3 hours in length, are on-site at your location, are CPE eligible, and involve classroom style instruction, small group discussions and problem solving, as well as time to build a personal action plan. The action plan is one of the key components of the entire process, because it gives people tasks to complete after the session to reinforce the content and build their skills. It’s preferable to deliver one workshop per month over the course of several months. This frequency helps to enhance retention and recall of the material.

Reinforcement: To capitalize on opportunities to reinforce and strengthen the content and messages, consider developing marketing clubs, pipeline meetings, new win emails, and other marketing culture builders. We’d be pleased to assist you in building reinforcement around your training to enhance its effectiveness.

Recent Workshop Series:

  • Armanino (San Francisco)
  • Honkamp Krueger & Co. (Dubuque)
  • LEVITZACKS (San Diego)
  • Shannon & Associates (Seattle)
  • DP&C (Seattle)
  • Anchin (New York)
  • KEB (St. Louis)
  • Keiter (Virginia)

For More Information: Please contact Art Kuesel, President, Kuesel Consulting 312.208.8774 or

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